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The Swamp Versus The Storm Drain

Welcome to this lair of

death and despair

hosting a muck so thick

leaving you unaware

about all those things

of which you should care

The sludge is knee deep

and it creeps

on all these souls trapped


A kingdom now ill

with no relief

except forcing the pill

to instill belief

in your crooked play


all those minds you tame

assigning numbers to every name

making them pay

while you slay

competition at your bay

It's hard to convey

to those who only know their own way


off on a tangent

even though we demand it

to sway another way


it's my turn to say

that it's not okay

I will ask them questions everyday

to sharpen their minds

and recognize your arts

so that they will find

how black is your heart?

you can push

you can prey

on victims

all day

but your words

are like clay

soft then brittle

and wither away

or harden it

with glaze

and one day

it breaks

because you can't sway

and you can't relate

to what it's like to live with your mistakes

rot decay


delay all your tactics

for creating these addicts

of things in which you can improve

I have these schematics

that will clean all their habits

help them rise to make our next move

We can grow and we learn

for our futures we burn

the light in which all can rely

which is why we have bark and

why we have bite

and why we reach for the sky

you sit there stagnant

afraid to explore

afraid to learn

afraid to adore

so you found yourself comfortable

on my forest floor

where you will mold and rot

but you'll give it all you got

to try and take more

and more and more

your greed you must feed

even with the worst deed

you could ever implore

but just remember

we will drain you very soon

for it takes no less

and takes no more

than we the blessed

to even the score

where you take from those below

we will restore

all the graces from before

in a different form





All those paths you resisted

on taking.

Hark now

as I vow

to never leave our colony uninformed

I am Insane, Picking my brains, I can not explain , All these mind games, Deceiving Believing Dreaming Depleting My patience for all these Repeat repeatings.

I am here in the ground

I follow your sound

to find out where your bound

In my little playground

I send out the fungus

for you we must punish

I bet he will fund us

to eat all your smugness

You are rotting all that is

around me

my favorite tree

and all my bees

it's hard to see

through all that greed

overcasting misery

I will tell you once

maybe twice

but after that

I stop rolling the dice

And expect no mercy

for I know your so thirsty

it will never be quenched

and I can't have you lynched

but not because its a cinch

for the ones you've tamed

don't want to spear the head

and so my plan instead

is to go straight for your blood of gold

I hope you know now

and as you get old

my spores survive the cold

they grow nice and bold


I will make it happen by eating the mold.

You will not Can not Cage me You will not contain me You will not escape me Or ever restrain me!




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