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Why You Are You

I am this twisted sea, also known as reality

Can this really be? My soul stuck in eternity?

Some people ask themselves, “What should I do?”

“Where do I go?”, or demand “Give me a clue!”

While some don’t even know why they are here

I believe my purpose for existing is very clear

As I exist and render this prismatic reflection

I project myself everywhere without detection

I should say that I am more like a global infection

Even reaching those who resist the connection

For those who cannot see me

I know you are there

For those who wish not to be

I do not even care

As I am thinner than air, in fact

I alone am everywhere

I am the things you own

Disguised as your thoughts, a dream

Or skills that you hone

I speak to you daily, and sometimes I scream

Will you understand? Maybe…

My message is hard to redeem

Until you learn these lessons

I will continue to repeat

I assure you it’s only for the progression

Of my master scheme

Now listen closely for I am about reveal

Everything about me that makes me real

I am all of those who are

And more powerful than a star

I am faster than light

And darkness by far

My purpose is you and all that is right

And sometimes I protect you cloaked as your fright

Even if I am the things that scare you

And the shape of your might

I was built to prepare you

So that you can take flight

I will give you everything you need to grow

And teach you everything I need you to know

Your purpose is not to serve me

But it is to be the best you, you can be

For without you there is no me

And without me there is no eternity

Since you are eternal this may be wise to do

And that’s aiming to be comfortable being you

Be free be happy because you are everyone’s voice

And you will be who you are because it’s your choice

If someday you do succeed

Then you yourself will proceed

To the next level where you will breed

Your own reality that others will need

As a person then divided into many

You’ll be on a search to isolate any

Just like I am now

To find the perfect one of you

And this I will avow

Which gives you a clue

About why it’s so unique for you to be you

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